Vision & Mission Statement

SPS-NIP: one step ahead!

Together with thousands of students, you have chosen to study psychology. A very interesting study that offers you numerous possibilities in the work field. For instance, you could work as a clinical psychologist, a media psychologist, or at the HR department of a big company. The field of research opens its doors to ambitious psychology students as wells, the same as forensic psychiatry and educational institutions do. But how do you develop yourself into a professional? How do you ensure that you find a workplace that does justice to your interests, ideas, talents, and ambitions? Where can you gain the necessary information and experience, even during your studies?


Our vision

We, the Section Psychology Students of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (SPS-NIP), are here for you! With a clear vision in mind, we work to pursue and implement our mission and ideals every day. Being one of the sections of NIP –  the largest professional association for psychologists in the Netherlands – we share the same vision as the NIP. This reads:


“In a constantly changing world, people and organizations are constantly faced with new challenges. Psychologists who know what they are doing make it possible for everyone to get the best out of themselves.”


Our mission statement

The vision is clear. The mission of SPS-NIP represents the role we take on within the vision of the NIP. In particular, we would like to highlight the last sentence of our vision. Because, the psychologist who knows what he is doing, begins with the student. The student is given all the necessary tools, information, and services during his study period. The student can develop and emerge as a starting professional. That is where SPS-NIP wants to make its contribution: SPS-NIP wants to support and facilitate the psychology student in his step towards the professional field. The step towards becoming a psychologist who knows what he is doing. Our mission is:


“We are committed to the professional and personal development of psychology students and we build the bridge between the academic field and the professional field. This way, everyone who calls on a psychologist knows they are getting the best quality and we are contributing to a resilient society.”


Our ideals

Now that we determined our vision and mission, it is important to also focus on our ideals. What would our ideal world look like?

We want to ensure that psychology students get the most out of their studies so that they are optimally prepared for the professional field. We open doors, build bridges to the field, and help students make the transition. In an ideal world, we would like to see:

  • That all psychology students in the Netherlands are optimally prepared for the work field


  • That the academic and social interests of all psychology students in the Netherlands are optimally advocated


Our pillars

In everything we do, the following pillars are a starting point for our actions. Our four pillars – Connection, Development, Representation, and Inclusiveness – make visible what we are aiming for. They show which values we consider important within SPS-NIP and why. These pillars, therefore, play an important role within the section.



At SPS-NIP, every psychology student takes a step forward, matching his interests, ideas and talents.


Sustainability and diversity

We are working on sustainability in as many ways as possible. SPS-NIP wants to actively contribute to a sustainable society and to pursue this, several goals and indicators have been established. In the document below you will find our multi-annual sustainability plan, with our goals until 2023. Within SPS-NIP, we also pay attention to inclusiveness and diversity. We want all psychology students to feel welcome. We are currently working on a diversity plan.

Multi-annual plan sustainability