Taskforce Internationalisation

The international Psychology Taskforce is a workgroup set up especially for the non-Dutch international students. The Taskforce provides them with information about the field of psychology to give them a clear understanding about their possibilities as an international (psychology) student in the Dutch psychology market.  


SPS-NIP goes international

As SPS-NIP wants to provide all (psychology) student with the same chances and opportunities, they took a step ahead by becoming more international oriented. From 2017 on, SPS-NIP also wants to create a clear line of sight for the non-Dutch speaking student. For example, they organize lectures and excursions in English so non-Dutch speaking students can expand their knowledge about the current field of psychology and experience what they would like to do in the future.


International Education 

Universities in the Netherlands are very international oriented. Almost all of them have a English taught international psychology bachelor, and most of the masters in psychology are completely in English. The relevance of courses taught in English at universities has grown over the years, as psychology became more international. Thereby, students from all over the world are appealed to Dutch universities due to their highly regarded education. Therefore, many psychology student have a non-Dutch background. They have the same education as Dutch psychology students, but they do not seem to have the same opportunities and information provision. That is where the Taskforce comes in by providing them with the information needed how to chase those opportunities.


What does the Taskforce do?

Since 2018, SPS-NIP developed the Taskforce especially to have a clear view of the chances and opportunities of the non-Dutch speaking student. Why SPS-NIP set up the Taskforce had, among other things, the following reasons:

  • Non-Dutch speaking students often do not know where to find all the information about their education and its opportunities, for instance how
  • Non-Dutch speaking students often do not know what types of masters are possible after a certain bachelor in the Netherlands.
  • Non-Dutch speaking students often do not know are their possibilities in the Dutch and/or international work field of psychology during their education.
  • Non-Dutch speaking students often do not know what their career opportunities are in the Dutch field of psychology.
  • The Taskforce provides information about those subjects to give non-Dutch students a clear direction of their chances and possibilities in their studies and in their career in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the Taskforce answers all questions non-Dutch speaking students have about their education or their possibilities after graduation, and actively seek to help them in their understanding of those possibilities.


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