Professional Advisors

You can ask the Professional Advisors all kind of questions, for example about their work field or how they made certain choices when they were a student. You can also ask some Professional Advisors to check your resume or ask advice about applying for an internship.


These are the Senior Advisors who are willing to help you:


Vivian Chiona

VIVIAN SPS Vivian Chiona is the founder of Expat Nest which promotes the emotional well-being of expats, by offering online counselling services. Vivian is a psychologist with Masters degrees in both Child & Adolescent Psychology and Health Psychology. A multilingual bicultural and expat with family all over the world, Vivian herself feels most at home in the international community and is inspired by its diversity.

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Olympia Colizoli

Olympia Colizoli, PhD, is from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She has been living in the Netherlands since 2006 (9 years). In 2008, she graduated from the Research Master of Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam in the Brain and Behavior track. In 2014 she defended her PhD thesis. Nowadays she is continuing her research in the Brain and Cognition Department of the UvA.

Olympia can offer students advice from experience about the pros and cons of doing graduate work internationally, especially about the difference between the Dutch, European and US systems. Her expertise within psychology is mainly within the domain of cognitive neuroscience related to perception.

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Ilse Reijs

Ilse Reijs studied Psychology of Occupation, Health & Organisation at the University of Utrecht. At the moment she is a psychologist and career counsellor. Her professional expertise: talent coaching and development, talent assessment, personal leadership coaching and coaching in study selection.

She can help you find your way when:

  • You have lost your sense of direction in your study or career path
  • You want to discover your ambition, talents, work values, energy resources
  • You have to search for a new employer or study
  • You want to work on your personal skills

Good for you to know is that she is certified as “Register Psychologist Occupation & Organisation” (Registerpsycholoog Arbeid & Organisatie) at NIP and as “Acknowledged Career Professional” at NOLOC. If you want to know more, please check the site of or

Career counsellor, talent coaching and development, talent assessment, leadership, coaching, study or career path, discover talents

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Anneke van den Bosch

Beroepscoach Anneke

Anneke is active as a clinical (BIG-registrated) psychologist/psychotherapist in her own practice, and is also connected tot he Dutch Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP). You can ask me questions about the field, registrations, or about a CV- or LinkedIn check.



If you do not know who is able to answer your question, you can e-mail your question to The sectorcoördinator of SPS-NIP will try to find the right Professional Advisor to answer your question.