European Masterguide

We want to help you forward, but to do that, you need information! Where can you achieve the most grow and in which field of psychology? To help you with these difficult decisions, we have made a European Masterguide. Here, with thanks to EFPSA for giving us the information, you can read everything about the masters in all European countries that are members of EFPSA.

Are you ready to go to sunny Spain or are you more excited about flying to the great country that is Greece? Or do you want more information about what masters there are in the Netherlands? You can find it all in the European masterguide 2018!


Studeer jij psychologie? Word dan nu lid van SPS-NIP. Het lidmaatschap biedt studenten talloze voordelen
Word lid

SPS-NIP organiseert wel 30 excursies per jaar!

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Stage psychologie?

Als lid van SPS-NIP heb je exclusief toegang tot het volledige stage overzicht met misschien wel jouw droomstage!
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