Training Courses

Power of Persuasion
Have you always wondered how you can persuade the other in a subtle way in order for him to do as you please? How are those “masters” of persuasion able to convince others with only their charisma and communication skills so easily? More importantly: how could YOU use your own power of persuasion to motivate and encourage the other to do as you wish? Don’t worry, the training “Power of Persuasion” will provide you with several techniques on how to unconsciously persuade the other. During this training you will work with the 6 principles of Cialdini. At the end of the training you will not only have gained insight in the meaning of the terms ‘persuasion’ and ‘influence’ but you will also be able to effectively use them in your daily life! Convinced already? Sign up for this training!

Successful Communication
Communication is a crucial part of daily life. By means of a diverse array of human communication modes like language, non-verbal expressions and para-lingual expression, we try to communicate as successfully as possible. However, we do not always succeed. Ending up in undesired situations or unfortunate miss-interpretations that can even lead to conflicts. Communication is often taken for granted. In the training “Successful Communication” the basic principles of communication will be highlighted in order to create awareness on its impact and adequate implementation. After this training you will not only have gained interesting insights and awareness, you will also be able to apply the principles in your daily life in order to bring your relations to a next level.

Personal Branding
In this society it is expected that you are able to present yourself as desirable and convincing as possible since the competition for that one job is bigger than ever before! Having a decent resumé and a nice letter does not cut it anymore. Today self-aware is the key to your presentation. You have to know who you are, what you have to offer and what you want in life in order to be able to apply this self-knowledge into the creation of a unique profile that will outshine the other 500 job-applicants. The question is, how will you be able to actually do that? How can you stand out between all the other starters in the current job market? How do you know who you are and what you stand for? How can you present and empower yourself in the right way? That is exactly what you are about to discover during this training! This training is developed to provide you with insights in your own Personal Branding. Empower yourself and follow this training!

Training on cultural diversity
Today’s society is characterized by its cultural diversity. Given the importance of this current trend along with the need to elaborate on its impact in the field of psychology, the training on cultural diversity was developed. Are you yourself, in your role as (future) therapist, aware of the potential impact of cultural differences that might arise during treatment? Have you ever considered the question how you are supposed to collaborate successfully with clients who possess a different cultural background than you have yourself?
Even though most studies briefly address the theoretical theory on cultural differences that may exist in the field of psychology, many psychologists (to-be) miss theoretical and practical elaboration on this subject matter. Especially in the field of clinical psychology, many starting therapists are confronted with cultural challenges! Do you feel the need to learn more about this subject and do you wish to be prepared on todays’ work field in all its colors? Feel free to join the training the training on cultural diversity!

A hold on your habit
What do you wish to see different in your current life? Would the future-you like to procrastinate less and be more productive during the day? Do you wish to sport more often? Or would you want to eat more healthfully? Perhaps you would like to spend more quality time with your friends and beloved ones?
Whatever your specific future desire beholds, everybody probably recognizes the need to change that specific part of life into something more structured, healthy and efficient. However, even though our new year’s resolutions and desires keep on coming, we often fail to actually keep them. This awareness leads to a crucial question: how do we – human beings – change? How can we make sure that we are living the lives we wish to actually live? This question will take center stage during the training “A hold on your habits”. During this training we will learn how we can make sure that our dreams and desires become reality.
Are you ready to turn your resolution into reality? But for real this time? Take part in our training “A hold on your habits” and let your journey begin!