EFPSA services

As a student member you have got the opportunity to benefit from the services of SPS-NIP and also from the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA). As a student you have this privilege, because SPS-NIP is adjoined to EFPSA.  See below which services are provided by EFPSA!


Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS)


One of EFPSA’s most famous services is their online, open-access, double-blind, peer reviewed journal for psychology students worldwide! JEPS is an acknowledged scientific journal, which provides psychology students the opportunity to review their research by professionals and, when off sufficient quality, publish their research.Through this way JEPS provides psychology students a unique chance to gain experience in the process of research and the opportunity to publish their research, without the competition of scientist with years of experience. Are you interested in the published articles or passionate to publish your own research? Go to the website: jeps.efpsa.org


Junior Researcher Programme (JRP)

After completing the Research Summer School (RSS) students have the opportunity to continue in the Junior Research Programme (JRP). You can read more about the Research Summer School below. This programme contains thirteen months of active research with a group of six international students under supervision of a PhD mentor, in which you will run through the research process from beginning till the end. Part of this programme is  publishing in JEPS, a presentation during the EFPSA Congress and a short closing research internship, currently on the University of Cambridge. An amazing and instructive experience for a future researcher!


Study & Travel Abroad Office


This online service provides all kinds of information about psychology students as running an internship abroad. There is  also information available o f the general affairs conforming for the country, such as the education system and living expenses for specific universities and cities. There are stories available from psychology students who share their own experiences. Throughout the international network several students in various cities within Europe provide free accommodation and if you are lucky you will find immediately a good guide. Definitely worth your efforts to take look on the website (www.efpsa.org) when you are planning to study or run an internship abroad!