EFPSA events

EFPSA tries to bring psychology students together on a European level and organizes different events all year long. These activities contribute to the enrichment of the concept and application of psychology among students. EFPSA supports scientific and social interaction and cultural exchange between psychology students, academics and professionals. See below which activities are organized by EFPSA.


EFPSA Congress
Annually, around the end of April, the EFPSA Congress is organized for psychology students from all over Europe.  The congress duration is one week, will take place every year in a different country and around 300 psychology students participate. The agenda of the congress contains an extensive scientific programme whereby various lectures, workshops and discussion panels are provided by professionals around a central theme. Besides a scientific programme there is also a social programme which  takes place during the evenings. It is the perfect event to get in contact with international students, acquire knowledge from  various perspectives and getting to know a lot of new people! Want to know more about the EFPSA Congress?


Train the Trainers Summer School (TtT)
The Train the Trainers Summer School contains one week of intensive training, in which psychology students from all over Europe learn the basic skills of planning, gather knowledge, provide and evaluate training on various areas. During this week you will receive feedback on your work from both the trainers and other participants, which provides self-reflection and personal development.
The TtT provides the first step into becoming a certified EFPSA trainer.


Research Summer School (RSS)
The Research Summer School (RSS) is the perfect start of a career as a researcher or an opportunity for everyone who is interested in research to learn more about all the details. The RSS contains one week of education, in which the participants will discover what is necessary to perform an experiment and how to carry out the research around a central theme. After the RSS there is a chance to participate in the Junior Researcher Programme (JRP), an international research group of six students under supervision of one PhD mentor. Read more about the Junior Researcher Programme above. For more information about the JRP, take a look in EFPSA services.


A side from  the annual EFPSA Congress there is a EFPSA Conference, which takes place every two years. The conference is a four days scientific event and is build up around a relevant theme within psychology. During the conference there are various lectures, workshops, discussion panels, student presentations and much more delivered by professionals and peers. The conference provides the participants new perspectives within psychology. The congress and conference seem very similar, however there is a difference between the two events. The congress is based on a scientific and a social programme, in which participants have the opportunity to meet new people and learn about EFPSA as an organization. During the conference the focus is more on the scientific programme.


EFPSA day is a unique event within EFPSA. Every year around November there is a one day event in all the 32 European countries that are adjoined to EFPSA. The aim of this event is to promote EFPSA and broaden the awareness under the psychology students. This event takes place at the same time in all the 32 European countries and is a perfect illustration of the connection between all the different national organizations in one huge European network.






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