Activities in the Netherlands

We organise several English activities. On local level, but also on a national level. Here you find an overview. For more information, have a look at our agenda.

National activities

Career and network activities

Our Career Committee organizes several events. Some of these are in English. These events can be network events, but also informative events about your career! Have a look a their Facebook page to stay updated!



Every year, the National Committee of Excursions (Landelijke Excursie Commissie, LEC) organizes at least 30 excursions. During these excursions you will visit interesting firms and institutions related to psychology and you will get a glance behind the scene of these organizations. This is the perfect way to get in touch with the working field of psychology. Not all excursions will be in English, so have a look at our calendar regularly to discover if there are some excursions suitable for you.


National Psychology Congress

The National Congress Committee organizes the National Psychology Congress every year. This year the congress will partly English for the first time. In this way the National Psychology Congress will also be accessible for international students. The congress will be held at the 16th of November and has the theme ‘Behind the scenes: how to become a psychologist’. During this congress you’ll be informed about the possibilities in different fields of psychology. For more information about the speakers and the Congress see the ‘SPS-NIP Nationaal Congres Commissie’ Facebook page!

Local activities

In every city where psychology is taught, there is a Regional Board representing SPS-NIP. They try their best to organize a wide range of workshops, lectures and activities during the year. These activities always vary on subject and field of psychology. We also try to choose topics that are not included in the normal curriculum. Do you want to stay up-to-date about the activities of your Regional Board that will be in English? Keep an eye on our calendar to see which activities might be interesting for you! Or have a look at their Facebookpages:

Regional Board Enschede

Regional Board Groningen

Regional Board Leiden

Regional Board Maastricht

Regional Board Nijmegen

Regional Board Rotterdam

Regional Board Tilburg

Regional Board UvA

Regional Board VU


Regional Board Utrecht and SPS-NIP Open University both don’t organise English events.


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