Vacancy Regional Board Nijmegen

We’d like to announce that since this year we also welcome international students in Regional Boards Nijmegen!

Do you want to work on your personal development for a year and thereby commit yourself to your fellow students, to help them with the step towards the work field? Do you want to do more besides your study, give your resume a boost and gain experience in working within a young enthusiastic team, organizing activities and of course meeting professionals? Apply now for the Regional Board of SPS-NIP in your city!

The Regional Boards are in contact with the universities in name of SPS-NIP! All Regional Boards together organize more than 60 activities per year. As a Regional Board member you will have the responsibility to organize your own events and activities! The Regional Board consists of five board members who rotate yearly in July. The functions within the Regional Board are:

  • Chairman (A requirement for this position is that you master the Dutch language): As Chairman you are responsible for the proper functioning of the Board: you are the chair in the weekly meeting, develop the script for events, you manage and support the board members, monitor progress and keep an overview of all the tasks at hand.
  • Secretary: in the position of Secretary you are the right-hand of the chairman. You take minutes during the meetings, label the incoming mails and write the evaluations of activities.
  • Treasurer: as the Treasurer you are responsible for the finances within the Board. You are responsible for the budgets of events and activities. You are challenged to be creative with the resources you have at hand. Besides that, you have the opportunity to do acquisition for activities and events.
  • Pr-internal: as a pr-internal you are responsible for the promotion of SPS-NIP and the activities at your university. You create promotional plans, flyers and you can express your creativity in, for example, recruitment campaigns. Besides that, you work closely with the pr-external.
  • Pr-external: as a pr-external, you are primarily responsible for the contact with the external parties such as speakers and arranging the locations for activities. You also work closely with the pr-internal on the promotion of SPS-NIP and events.

Do you want to know more about how you can join the Regional Board at your university? Check out the Facebook page of your Regional Board of Nijmegen

Would you like to apply for a position within this board?
Send your resume and motivation letter for Regional Board Nijmegen to


SPS-NIP is for all psychology students. We strive for an environment in which everyone feels welcome, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or health.











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