Workshop existential issues in psychotherapy (in English)

Do you want to know what existential psychotherapy entails or how you can apply it in your treatment sessions? Join us in this workshop for an introduction to existential therapy and to explore how to address existential issues within psychotherapy. You will become familiarized with the four existential givings described by Irvin Yalom, the American psychotherapist, namely: responsibility/ freedom; death anxiety; loneliness; meaninglessness.


Existential psychotherapy

Existential psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy based on the model of human nature and experience developed by the existential tradition of European philosophy. It focuses on concepts that are universally applicable to human existence including death, freedom, responsibility, and the meaning of life. Instead of regarding human experiences such as anxiety, alienation and depression as implying the presence of mental illness, existential psychotherapy sees these experiences as natural stages in a normal process of human development and maturation. In facilitating this process of development and maturation, existential psychotherapy involves a philosophical exploration of an individual’s experiences by emphasizing the individual’s freedom and responsibility to facilitate a higher degree of meaning and well-being in his or her life.


About the speaker

René Cane Molinari is from Chile and currently works as a psychologist at PsyQ International in The Hague and he is a PHD-candidate at Maastricht University.
René has a background in philosophy, theology and psychology and has a special interest in existential psychotherapy.



19.00-21.00:       Workshop
21.30:                   Drinks


NIP, HNK-building, second floor, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, Utrecht


€ 10 for NIP-members
€ 75 for non NIP-members

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