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At Erasmus University Rotterdam we offer you one of the best Psychology master programmes in the Netherlands. The MSc in Psychology is a one-year graduate pro­gramme designed to provide you with the ana­lytical skills and conceptual knowledge to be able to work independently in the field of your desired specialisation. The programme deals with recent developments in the research field and uses the most advanced research methods.

We offer eight different master tracks. Thus you can sharpen your knowledge, for example, in terms of diagnos­tics and treatment of children, adolescents and adults. Or would you rather work with issues about motivation at the workplace, learning, performance and the brain? Perhaps you prefer to focus on psychological contributions to both forensic and legal contexts. Or you might be eager to research how digital media or inno­vative technological developments influence human thought and behaviour. During all of our tracks you will, together with our experts, take on the challenge of analysing, studying and solving complex psychological issues. Take a look at our master programmes and see what would be the perfect fit for you!

After graduation a number of possibilities await you as a psychologist. Depending on your specialty you can become a human-resources manager, trainer, career counsellor, youth worker, educational or policy advisor, developmental psychologist or set up your own private practice, just to name a few. In addition, successful completion of the master programme will prepare you for a career in academia (PhD) or research. Whatever track you prefer, a Master in Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam will shape you into an all-round professional who is able to put scientific knowledge into practice. Rotterdam’s slogan is ‘Make it happen’ and Erasmus University is proud to be part of this vibrant city where people develop new and creative ideas every day.


































Are you considering specializing in:

  • Talent Development and Creativity
  • Health Systems and Prevention
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Theory and History of Psychology

Than check out the master’s programmes in Groningen!

And join our master’s event on Friday November 22