Self Employed

The NIP Information Centre facilitates and informs you about setting up your own practice and getting started as a self-employed professional. If you want to establish your own business as an independent psychologist, you might wonder where to start. This is when our Information Centre can help you.


Information and Advice for Members

As a member of the NIP you can get personal advice and information about all the different aspects of setting up a business as a psychologist. We can help you with:

  • Giving you an overview of the different types of companies and their legal requirements
  • Give information on taxes and insurances
  • Psychologists working in the Healthcare sector can obtain information on the Dutch system of health insurance and the compensations and reimbursements of (mental) care.

We also provide you with information on the (legal) requirements for setting up ones own business. For example, in order to work as a self-employed psychologist, you are required to register with the Chamber of Commerce and to use your personal Chamber of Commerce number on your invoices and bills.

To conclude, we can also help you to get find out more about the prerequisites health insurance companies require from self employed psychologists and the rules and regulations concerning your administration.

On our membership pages you can find more helpful information about getting started as a self employed psychologist. This is in Dutch only:

For more information on our services do contact us: