Contracts and Wages

The Dutch Professional Association of Psychologists (the NIP) strives to ensure the best possible employment conditions for professionals working as psychologists.


NIP services on labour, employment and wages

NIP  is part of the ‘Federatie van beroepsorganisaties in de zorg’ (FBZ – Federation of Associations in Care). At the website of FBZ you can find more information on wages, scales, labour contracts, collective labour agreements and job descriptions. This information is in Dutch. NIP cannot answer specific questions about labour and law. Also, because of legislation, the NIP is not authorized to give advice about tariffs you can charge as a psychologist or wages. If you have legal questions related to labour, you can go to these Dutch websites for more information:


Working under a Collective Labour Agreement

Most Dutch employers work according to collective labour agreements (CAOs), which specify collective agreements concluded between employers, employers’ organisations, employees and employee organisations regarding wages and other conditions of employment. If your employer applies a Collective Labour Agreement you can derive your rights from this document.

The terms of employment your employer will offer you depend on what the arrangements of the Collective Labour Agreement are. These arrangements apply to the primary labour conditions such as wages and working hours. Employers are obliged to provide you with a copy of the Collective Labour Agreement when you enter into a contract. Beware that this often happens after you have signed your contract. But to be able to make a well informed decision on the terms of your contract you should read them prior to agreeing your contract. All Collective Labour Agreements are published online.

  • Read more about Collective Labour Agreements on (Dutch only).