Membership Benefits

Benefits for Members include:

  • Our newsletters and e-mail alerts will always keep you up to date on recent developments within the field of psychology
  • You can attend a range of lectures, study days, conferences and symposiums on current issues organised by the NIP
  • Contact with fellow psychologists
  • You will receive our monthly journal De Psycholoog for free (students only digital in NIP-app)
  • You get a discount on adverts in De Psycholoog
  • Reduced fees for meetings and events organised by the NIP
  • Access to specialist meetings for members only
  • Access to our ‘members only’  webpage with lots more information on specialised topics
  • Personal contact with  our specialised members to help you answer your questions on ethics
  • The NIP also negotiates with political partners,  insurance companies and employers to set standards to get the best labour conditions for its members
  • The right to use the protected trademark Qualification Psychologist NIP
  • Reduced fees for professional literature
  • Discounts on insurance policies by collective contracts
  • Being represented in the FGzPt, a federation of psychologists in health care in the Netherlands. More information


Extra benefits of the NIP-membership for psychologists and students in psychology from other countries.

Information on:

  • working as a psychologist in the Netherlands
  • recognition of your foreign psychology degree
  • payment of psychological assistance to clients
  • studying psychology in the Netherlands
  • the various forms of registration in the Netherlands
  • employment opportunities and starting up your own practice
  • opportunities to put forward your own ideas in an organizational context