Application form student membership

We are very pleased that you would like to join the Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP). With this membership you will enjoy several benefits at a reduced rate: only € 25,-. Please fill in your details below and we will process your request as soon as possible.


a. Personal information

b. Address information

c. Membership information

Yes, I agree to pay the membership fee by direct debit

d. Study details

Proof of enrollment as a psychology student or as a student of the master Mental Health*

- Photo or scan of the official proof of enrollment*
- Photo or scan of your student card stating 'student psychology'
- Print screen of your Studielink page

For students of the Open University:
- Photo or scan of the course registration

Please note that the data should be clear and legible when submitting a photograph. Both your name and the study programme title should be visible on your proof of enrollment.

*The proof of enrollment will be emailed to you, for instance by Studielink. By searching for ‘proof of enrollment’ in your email, you will find this document. This document will be sufficient evidence to prove that you’re a psychology student.

e. Choise of division

You’re automatically subscribed to the student division of the NIP (SPS-NIP). Additionally, it’s possible to sign up for two more divisions for free (with the exception of the division Neuropsychology).

f. Statement of agreement

Yes, I agree
Yes, I agree