Students Membership

Are you studying psychology? Become a member of the NIP straight away! The NIP-membership provides you with valuable resources and benefits that enhance your career and connects you to the world’s largest network of psychologists. For example:

  • You can make use of our network of professionals and attend our seminars and congresses
  • Meet fellow psychology students and develop an international network
  • Being a member of the NIP increases your chances of getting your ideal job or training course after your studies
  • When becoming a student-member of the NIP you will automatically become a member of the Section of Psychology Students (SPS)


Section of Psychology Students (SPS)

SPS is the section for future psychologists. The SPS is part of the NIP and is fully run by and for students. SPS is a large section and acts as an intermediate between the NIP representing the professional field and the students.

  • Objectives of the SPS-NIP are:
    • To bring together the professionals within psychology and the students.
    • To increase the involvement of psychology students within the NIP
    • To promote the interests of psychology students on a national and international level.



International Contacts

SPS-NIP works in close relation to the EFPSA, the European Federation of Psychology Student Associations which is part of the EFPA, the European Federation of Psychology Associations. One of the  EFPSA’s plans for the future is the introduction of a European Psychology degree. EFPSA also facilitates international student exchange programmes and organises an annual meeting for psychology students from all over Europe.


In most university cities SPS-NIP has its own platform. Members can take part of their activities such as meetings, workshops, therapy̶-sessions and symposia.

Developing organizational skills

The SPS section offers various opportunities to put forward your own ideas in an organizational context. As member you can:

  • Become a member of the national or regional board of the SPS.
  • Take part in the activities of one of the other sections of the NIP



Three times a year SPS-NIP organises a general meeting for its members and gives information about important developments and events in the field of psychology.

Benefits for Student-Members

The NIP offers a special membership to students! You can make use of all the advantages of a regular member for a reduced fee. The benefits for Student-members are:

  • You will receive our monthly journal De Psycholoog for free digitally in the NIP-app. You can join meetings, excursions and other activities of the NIP-section of Psychology Students (SPS-NIP)
  • Discount on the entry fee of the National Psychology Congress
  • Opportunities to participate in branch meetings
  • Advice and courses on getting your own practice
  • Make use of our network of senior advisors and experienced psychologists who can tell you all about specializations courses, how and where to apply and ethical matters
  • Gain international contacts through our connection with the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) with opportunities to join international research, exchange programmes and summer schools
  • Access to our internship-vacancy database



Students pay the nominal fee compared to the costs of the regular membership. Students pay € 25,- per year. Payments can be made in two terms.


Apply as a student-member

Benefit from our student membership straight away and apply today!

To apply use the student application form

For application you will need:

  • Copy of your student card
  • Proof of registration as a psychology student (For students of the Open University a proof of enrollment on a course will be sufficient.)

Once we have received your request, you will be sent a welcome folder with additional information especially for students.