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We are very pleased that you are interested in becoming a member of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP). Becoming a NIP-member gives you numerous benefits.

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d. Education

Please review the membership requirements regarding previous education on our website. In case your diploma was obtained abroad, make sure to attach your official master’s degree diploma as well as an international credential evaluation of your diploma.
Declaration head educator of your department – only applicable if you wish to apply for the membership type of 'In postgraduate education', with a reduced contribution fee. Prerequisites for this membership type apply .

e. Choice of division

The NIP is administered by professional psychologists from a wide range of areas and specialisations, all of whom are actively involved in the NIP and its policy development. There are 18 divisions representing different fields of activity and each division has its own executive committee. As a member of the NIP, you are obliged to choose one division of preference.

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