1. How can I get my degree validated?
    Information on how to get your degrees validated can be found at idw.nl That is the central Information Centre for Credential Evaluation. The IDW is the sole organisation in Holland that is recognised as official authority to validate foreign diplomas and degrees. If you have any questions about the credibility of your degree, you should contact de IdW.
  2. Where is it possible to study psychology as a major in Netherlands?
    There are eleven universities in Netherlands where you can study psychology:
    – Amsterdam University (humanistic)
    – Free University of Amsterdam (protestant)
    – University of Utrecht
    – University of Groningen
    – University of Leiden
    – Radboud University of Nijmegen (Catholic)
    – University of Brabant
    – University of Tilburg
    – University of Maastricht
    – Twente University
    – Erasmus University Rotterdam
    – University of Tilburg
    – Open University
  1. What prerequisites must be fulfilled for enrollment?
    A diploma of school of VWO (secondary school that prepares for scientific education) or an equivalent in your country
  2. Who should you talk to/write to?
    The foreign office of the university of your choice. NUFFIC (State office on the foreign relations in education) will give an advice to the university.
  3. What is the duration of the programme and what is the curriculum involved?
    There is a four years course; after one year (propedeuse-examination) the student has to choose one of the differentiations in psychology.
    Basic curriculum contents: (theory of personality, theory of functionalism, social psychology, developmental of clinical psychology, methodology).
    Differentiation-programme: clinical psychology, educational psychology, social-organizational psychology.
  4. What degree is awarded at the end of the programme?
    A Master’s of Science (MSc) in Psychology.
  5. Is it possible to transfer from a foreign university to a Dutch one in the field of psychology?
    Yes, from any country worldwide
  6. Will credit be given for the previous semesters of study and who should you talk to/write to concerning recognition of previous studies?
    Previous studies must be recognised by the Dutch university where the studies are to be continued. The organizations NUFFIC or Colo will give an advice to the foreign office of the university of your choice.
  7. What opportunities exist in the Netherlands for acquiring practical experience in the field of psychology?
    There are many possibilities for training, but most are unpaid. In the field of healthcare and educational psychology, knowledge of the Dutch language is mostly required.