Admission requirements

Entry requirements for accredited psychology degree courses will often vary from one university to another. Generally applicants will need to demonstrate good numeracy and literacy skills, as well as the ability to handle scientific concepts. Decent A-level results have proven to be compulsory. But you may also be considered if you have other qualifications or working experience that demonstrate the possession of the required knowledge and skills.

Some universities make use of a numerous clauses, therefore we advise students to apply in good time as these procedures take time and have fixed deadlines. We also recommend that you contact the university of your choice to find out about specific entry requirements.

Advice on choosing your course

As an independent professional body the NIP is unable to recommend specific degree courses. However, to keep your options open we strongly recommend that you take a degree which is recognised by the NIP allowing you to register with our association. Even if you have no plans at the moment to become a professional psychologist or are not sure what you want to do at this stage. Recognised courses are required to gain entrance to accredited postgraduate courses that allow you to register as a psychologist with the NIP. This gives you the possibility to work as an independent psychologist in the Netherlands.

Generally all Dutch research-based universities offer recognised Courses.
Click here to check their websites and contact details.