Representation of the Client

Article 7          Underage Clients

If Clients are underage and are not yet 12 years old, the rights assigned to them in this Code of Ethics must be exercised by their Legal Representative(s), unless the psychologist has reason to assume that the Clients’ interests would be seriously harmed by the involvement of the Legal Representative(s) in the Professional Relationship.

If a Client is 12 years old or older, but not yet 16 years old, the psychologist must perform the obligations arising from this Code of Ethics in relation to the Client as well as in relation to his/her Legal Representatives.

If the Client is 16 years old or older, the psychologist must perform the obligations arising from this Code of Ethics in relation to the Client, unless the Client cannot be considered able to reasonably assess his or her interests involved.


Article 8           Information to a parent who does not have custody

If only one of the parents has custody over the underage Client, the psychologist must give the parent who does not have custody information in outline on request, unless the psychologist would also not give that information to the parent who has custody or unless that would conflict with the interests of the underage Client.


Article 9           Incapacitated adult Client

If the Client is of age but is incapable of a making a reasonable assessment of his/her interests in the matter, the rights assigned to him/her in this Code must be exercised by his/her Legal Representative. If no Legal Representative has been appointed, those rights must be exercised by a representative designated by the Client. If the Client has not been able to do so, the psychologist must have the Client’s rights exercised by either the Client’s spouse or partner, parent, child, brother or sister, unless the Client is opposed to this or the psychologist does not consider it to be in the Client’s interest. Also in the event of representation as referred to above, the psychologist must still involve the incapacitated adult Client in the exercising of his/her rights wherever possible. Decisions of the aforesaid representatives may not be implemented by psychologists if they believe in the circumstances of the case that that would conflict with the Client’s interests.