Psychologists and their working environment

Article 30         Freedom to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics

Psychologists are fully responsible for their Professional Activities, regardless of their obligations in relation to their managers, if any.

Insofar as relevant, psychologists must ensure that everybody in their working environment is aware of the requirements of this Code of Ethics and must ensure that they have the necessary freedom to act in accordance with those requirements.


Article 31         Joint responsibility for the quality of the team

Without prejudice to the responsibility for their own Professional Activities, psychologists are jointly responsible for the quality of the activities of the team of which they form a part.


Article 32         Responsibility for the quality of employees

Psychologists are responsible for the quality of the work of the persons who assist them under their direct management in the performance of Assignments for which the psychologists are professionally responsible.

 If those employees are not subject to rules of professional ethics of their own, psychologists must inform them of the obligations arising for them from this Code of Ethics, in particular the duty of confidentiality. They must ascertain the quality of the other persons whom they engage in their Professional Activities.


Article 33         Help and support for fellow psychologists, students and supervisees

Psychologists must use their expertise and experience to help and support fellow psychologists, students and supervisees to help them practise the profession in a professional and ethically sound manner. They must refrain from any conduct that could harm them in that regard.


Article 34         Calling fellow psychologists to account

Psychologists must critically monitor the Professional Activities of fellow psychologists and put up those activities for discussion if necessary. They must call fellow psychologists to account if they believe that those activities are or have been in conflict with the provisions of this Code of Ethics. They must ensure that the Clients’ interests are not adversely affected by this calling to account. Psychologists may not file a complaint about a fellow psychologist until they have established that that fellow psychologist refuses to account for his or her activities in a debate among fellow psychologists or persists in the supposed unethical activities.