Article 1           Definitions

The following definitions are used in this Code of Ethics:



Professional Activities

All activities performed by a psychologist when he or she acts in his or her capacity as a psychologist or uses the title of psychologist, including professional relationships, acting as a scientific researcher, teacher or supervisor, in the media, etc.


1.2 Person Involved

Any person who is directly or indirectly involved in a psychologist’s Professional Activities or whose interests are affected by them, such as the Client, the partner and the closest relatives of the Client, the principal, a fellow psychologist, student, experimental subject, etc.



Professional Relationship

The relation established by a psychologist with one or more persons, for the purpose of treatment, coaching, advice or psychological research.


1.4 Client

The person with whom a psychologist establishes, maintains or has maintained a Professional Relationship, for example the patient, the research subject, etc.


1.5 Client System

Several persons who interact with each other, with whom a psychologist establishes, maintains or has maintained a Professional Relationship.


1.6 Third Parties

All parties other than the Client and the Client System.


1.7 Assignment

The assignment comprises the request on which the Professional Activities are based, the agreements on progress, procedural aspects and Reports, and the financial settlement of the assignment.


1.8 Principal

The Client or the Client System, or the External Principal who gives the Assignment.


1.9 External Principal

The natural person or legal entity that has commissioned any form of professional activity but who is not himself the Client, the Client System or the Referrer.


1.10 Referrer

The person on whose advice the Client establishes a Professional Relationship with the psychologist.


1.11 Legal Representative(s)

  • the parent(s) of an underage Client who has/have parental authority over the Client, or the Client’s guardian; or
  • the court-appointed curator or mentor of an adult Client.


1.12 Specific Consent

The consent for an activity, given to the psychologist by a Person Involved after the psychologist has expressly explained the nature, purpose, possible consequences and scope of that activity.


1.13 Data

All the data that can be traced to a person, stored in any form, including in audio-visual form and in automated data files.


1.14 File

The collection of all Data related to a Client or Client System that psychologists obtain during their Professional Activities and that they keep because of their relevance to the quality and continuity of the Professional Relationship. Personal work notes made by the psychologist do not form part of the file.


1.15 Provision of Data

The provision of Data in the File to Third Parties other than the External Principal, otherwise than in the form of a Report.


1.16 Report

All the findings, assessments or advice that can be traced to one or more Clients, presented orally or in writing.