Expertise: the limits of the Professional Activities

Article 102       Professional and personal limitations

Psychologists must recognise their professional and personal limitations and be open about them. They must call in expert advice and support and refer Clients if necessary.


Article 103       Limits of psychologists’ own expertise

Psychologists must take the limits of their own expertise into account in their Professional Activities and may not take on any Assignments for which they lack the necessary expertise.


Article 104       Limits of the practice of psychology

All Assignments must be based on a clearly described objective or question. Psychologists may not take on any Assignment whose objective or question does not fall within the scope of the practice of psychology. They may also not do so if the available methods and techniques are inadequate for an appropriate intervention or response to the question.

If psychologists are given such an Assignment, they must consult with the Principal in order to reformulating the objective or question before accepting the Assignment.


Article 105       Qualification

Psychologists may use only methods for which they are qualified by their education, training and/or experience.


Article 106       Professional accountability for Professional Activities

Psychologists must be able to account for their Professional Activities in the light of the state of the science at the time of those activities, as described in professional literature.


Article 107       Prevention of reduced capability to soundly practise psychology

Insofar as possible, psychologists must recognise at an early stage signs that indicate personal, mental or physical problems that threaten to have a negative effect on their Professional Activities. They must call in expert advice and support in good time in order to prevent or reduce the problems.


Article 108       Discontinuation of Professional Activities in the case of reduced capability

If their mental, physical or judicious capabilities are affected or diminished in such a way as to hinder the sound practice of psychology, psychologists must discontinue their Professional Activities for as long as that situation continues.