Continuity of Professional Activities

Article 19         Continuity of the Professional Relationship

Psychologists are responsible for the continuity of the Professional Relationship. If necessary, they must call in other experts. They must take measures to ensure that one or more fellow psychologists take over or complete their Professional Activities if they are obligated for any reason to interrupt or to prematurely end the Professional Relationship. Psychologists are responsible for adequately handing over the File.


Article 20         Completeness, necessity and currency of the File

Psychologists must keep all the Data required for the Professional Relationship in the File. They must ensure that the File is always kept up to date in such a way that, if they are unexpectedly absent, an expert fellow psychologist can continue the Professional Relationship.


Article 21         Responsibility after the termination of the Professional Relationship

Psychologists must be aware that their professional responsibility towards the Persons Involved does not simply end on the formal termination of the Professional Relationship. After the termination of the Professional Relationship there may still be conflicts of interests or an unequal balance of power between the psychologists and the Persons Involved. Psychologists retain a professional responsibility in relation to the Persons Involved if it arises from the preceding Professional Relationship.