Article 35         Rendering of account

Psychologists must keep notes of their Professional Activities in such a way that they can account for their activities.


Article 36         Period of retention of Files

After termination of the Professional Relationship psychologists must keep the File for one year or for such longer period as is necessary for the purpose for which the File was created.

If applicable, the psychologist must comply with the statutory retention period. The File may not be kept any longer than the period set or prescribed. At the end of the retention period the psychologist must destroy the File, unless a complaint has been filed against him or her and the handling of the complaint has not yet been completed.


Article 37         Use of a File in filing a defence

If a complaint is filed against the psychologist, he or she can use the File to file a defence, insofar as information is involved that is relevant to the assessment of the complaint.


Article 38         Cooperating in the handling of a complaint

Psychologists must cooperate in the handling of a complaint filed against them. They must answer the questions presented by the disciplinary tribunals or complaint committees to the best of their ability and comply with their requests.