Code of Ethics 2015


This is the new Code of Ethics for Psychologists 2015 of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen or “NIP” (Netherlands Institute of Psychologists). This new code replaces that of 2007 and entered into force on 1 March 2015 after being adopted by the NIP’s members’ council. Psychologists who are members of or registered with the NIP have undertaken to comply with this Code of Ethics – a tall order in this day and age.

This Code offers them a guideline in practicing their profession and is an important quality instrument of the NIP.

The existing clustering of articles into four basic principles has remained unchanged in this revision. As in 2007, responsibility remains the basic principle. Professional autonomy and making one’s own decisions are characteristic of the profession of psychologist. Psychologists are therefore responsible for their own actions and must be able to account for them, also in a complaints procedure.

The NIP’s website and the members network in particular offer the members advice and suggestions for the use of this Code of Ethics in practice. The information is updated on a regular basis, precisely because professional ethics are dynamic, not static.

Utrecht, February 2015