Brief description of the complaints procedure

The NIP has two disciplinary bodies: the Supervisory Committee and the Appeals Tribunal. Both bodies enforce this Code of Ethics and hold an independent position at the NIP.

 A Person Involved in the Professional Activities of a psychologist affiliated with the NIP or registered in one of the NIP registers may file a complaint with the Supervisory Committee if he or she believes that the psychologist has acted in breach of this Code of Ethics.

The Supervisory Committee will give the psychologist the opportunity to respond to the complaint. It will then issue a written ruling after hearing the case.

 If the complaint is found to be valid, the Supervisory Committee may take the following measures against the psychologist:

  •  a warning;
  • a reprimand;
  • suspension of his/her membership and/or of registration in the NIP register specified by the Supervisory Committee, possibly subject to conditions; and
  • termination of the membership and/or cancellation of the registration in the NIP register(s) specified by the Supervisory Committee, possibly subject to conditions.

The Supervisory Committee cannot dismiss a psychologist, award damages to the complainant payable by the psychologist, or order a new psychological examination.

An appeal may be filed with the Appeals Council against a ruling of the Supervisory Committee.

More information on the complaints procedure can be found on the NIP’s website. The Supervisory Regulations set out the official rules of the complaints procedure.

The digital version of this Code of Ethics, the Supervisory Regulations and anonymised rulings of the Supervisory Committee and the Appeals Tribunal can also be found on the website.