2.1.3. Acceptance and confirmation of an assignment by the psychologist

2.1.3. Acceptance and confirmation by the psychologist of an assignment

The psychologist, the client, and the principal or external principal must at some point reach agreement on the question to be used as an assignment for the psychologist. The psychologist formulates the question for the assessment, and confirms the assignment to those involved.

It is not always a matter of an individual client – a client system can also be involved (such as the members of a family), or an assessment at group level (such as on the members of a management team).

In the case of an external principal, the psychologist has a professional responsibility to ensure that, before the assessment is done, both the external principal and the client have the same information on the purpose and the scope of the assessment, as well as on the proposed method (see Article 64, “The same information for External Principal and Client”).

Even in cases where the client is the principal, the psychologist confirms the assignment in writing (whether on paper or digitally). This confirmation always includes the goal of the professional relationship, the working procedure, the way in which reporting will be done, and the adherence by the psychologist to the Code (see Article 63, “Information on the establishment and continuation of the Professional Relationship”). Those concerned may obtain, on request, a copy of the Code and the AST-NIP. To the extent that there is a more than incidental professional relationship with the client, and where the psychologist’s working procedure is set out in one or more documents, these documents can be referred to for brevity’s sake.