2.2. Assessment procedure

An assessment procedure that involves the use of psychodiagnostic instruments comprises the following steps once the assignment has been accepted:

2.2.1. Invitation to the client

2.2.2. Creating a file

2.2.3. Raw test data

2.2.4. Personal working notes

2.2.5. Description of the assessment question and of the method used for assessment

2.2.6. When are psychodiagnostic instruments used?

2.2.7. Principles governing the choice of psychodiagnostic instruments

2.2.8. Use of psychodiagnostic instruments

2.2.8.a. Test-taking procedure: responsibility

2.2.8.b. Test-taking procedure: monitoring

2.2.8.c Test-taking procedure: testing space

2.2.8.d. Test-taking procedure: quality of the test material

2.2.8.e. Test-taking procedure: test security

Use of psychodiagnostic instruments for certain groups