Disciplinary Rules and complaints

Information for Complainants

The NIP has developed a Professional Code of Ethics in order to check and safeguard the professional ethical standards of its members. The NIP expects all psychologists registered with the NIP or members of the NIP to abide by this Professional Code of Ethics.

The rules and regulations of the Code of Ethics are observed by two independent disciplinary boards: the Board of Supervision and the Board of Appeal.


Making a Complaint About a Psychologist

When you have a complaint about the professional practice of a NIP registered psychologist you can lodge a complaint at the Board of Supervision. The Board of Supervision only considers allegations about breaches of the Professional Code of Ethics by a member of the NIP or a psychologist registered with one of the NIP registers. The following complaints do not qualify for further investigation:

  • Behavior of psychologists in non-professional matters?
  • Claims about financial damage as a result of the practice of a psychologist
  • Requests of revising psychological reports
  • Complaints that are, according to the Boards, about events that have taken place too long ago.


Click here to read the NIP Code of Ethics online. However this document may help you to identify whether the allegation you intend to present to the NIP Board of Supervision can be considered.

If you do feel that your ill-treatment you wish to present to the NIP falls under one or more of the rules of the Code, you can submit a formal complaint. In order for the NIP to be able to take any action you must provide the evidence required, as outlined in the procedures of the Professional Code of Ethics. The NIP Board of Supervision will then decide if the member has breached the rules, and decide on the appropriate action.


You can send your complaint, by post and in Dutch only to:

College van Toezicht/NIP
Postbus 2085
3500 GB Utrecht


Your complaint must include at least:

  • Name, adress en residence of complainant;
  • Name, initials en adress/work adress of accused psychologist;
  • Short description of the complaint, provided with as much as possible data, facts and circumstances about the complaint
  • Your signature.