About NIP

Representation and advocacy

The representation of individual and collective interests of psychologists form the core business of the services provided by the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP). In doing so we are taking part in national and international negotiation forums with employers, universities and governmental departments to ensure that we have an effective voice in the Dutch parliament and beyond.


NIP’s general objectives are:

  • to promote psychology in the Netherlands and in Europe
  • to serve psychologists’ professional and social interests
  • to provide members with a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • to raise standards of training and practice in psychology
  • The NIP strives to optimize the quality of psychologists’ professional activities in various ways.


How we work

The NIP is administered by professional psychologists from a diverse range of areas and specializations. All of whom are actively involved in the NIP and its policy development.
The NIP is divided into four sectors, each with its own executive committee: Health Care, Youth, and the Joint Sector. Each sector is further subdivided into sections representing different fields of activity. If you become a member of the NIP you can join various sections.


Information Centre

The staff of the Information Centre is available to answer your questions from all areas of the association, psychology and psychologists. TO ask the Information Centre a question by email use the Contact Form.


Professional ethics

The NIP protects the public by setting out standards by the NIP professional Code of Conduct. NIP members are obliged to work in accordance with the rules of this conduct that lay out aspirational goals to guide psychologists toward the highest ideals of psychology. For more information see Code of Ethics


Professional trademark PSYCHOLOOG NIP

The title ‘psychologist’ is not a protected title in the Netherlands. Anyone can call themselves a psychologist. In order to protect both the client and the profession, the NIP has introduced the professional trademark PSYCHOLOOG NIP for graduate expert psychologists who are members of the association. If you are a psychologist with a foreign degree satisfying the conditions, you can also apply for this title. See also: Registrations


The NIP and EFPA, the European Federation of Psychologists Associations

Within EFPA,( http://www.efpa.eu/europsy) there is excellent cooperation between members of the NIP and colleagues from other countries in the areas of ethics, test cases, education and European legislation. For example, the NIP works together with EFPA in developing a European register leading to a Europe wide recognized qualification as psychologist. This register will be opened up for Dutch psychologists in the course of 2011.


Psychological testing

The Dutch Committee on Tests en Testing Affairs (COTAN) is the leading national organization for setting standards in psychological testing. COTAN provides information and services relating to standards in tests and testing for test takers, test users, test developers and members of the public.


Monthly magazine De Psycholoog

As a member, you will receive De Psycholoog (the psychologist) free of charge. This monthly journal includes scientific articles, professional news, book and promotion reviews and association reports.


Membership networks

The NIP provides support to its members via its membership networks and continuing mandatory professional development. The NIP hosts a vast range of conferences and events presenting the latest developments in various fields of psychology.
See also: NIP Agenda


Education and training

The NIP acts to promote proper theoretical and practical training of psychologists both during their university studies and subsequently. It has therefore developed a range of post-master’s registrations and qualifications linked to further training. The NIP encourages psychologists to keep up to date with developments within the discipline and to maintain their knowledge and experience. See also: Education
Members can rely on the help and expertise from our experienced staff who are well informed about the lastest developments in psychology and the most recent alterations in healthcare rules and regulations. Also if you are from abroad or have completed your study psychology in another country, we would be delighted to hear from you.